SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY is an association formed by individuals who believe in the fundamental values of sport, ethics, and olympic spirit. Its mission is to provide everybody in the world with universal access to sports, and to make use of sport and physical activities for educational purposes.
SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY subscribes to an ethics charter which defines the guidelines of the organisation's activities.

1. Integrated development
SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY works on projects that meet the requirements of local actors, such as associations, civil society organisations, institutions, as well as individuals working on educational and social programmes targeting vulnerable groups and communities. Therefore each project is designed and implemented in consultation with local stakeholders in full respect of mutual autonomy. Our projects abide by the principles of broad participation and sustainability.

2. Respect for local cultures and traditions
SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY is primarily involved in the fields of education and social activities, and will always strive to adapt its programmes and their implementation to the economic and social context, the available expertise, and to the local customs and practices. Our objective is also to promote the employment of local workers in their language and in full respect of their religious beliefs, principles, and of the context in which they operate.

3. Local procurement and promotion of local initiatives
To make sure our initiatives contribute to the achievement of sustainable development, SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY shall encourage, within the relevant legal framework, the local procurement of goods, in particular of sports equipment, and the establishment of local micro-businesses in the manufacturing and repair of sports equipment.

4. Follow-up actions within the community
SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY provides its local partners with all the tools necessary to verify that the resources assigned to the various programmes, and the equipment foreseen for each sports program, reach the target beneficiaries. Furthermore, the final stage of the operations always includes a systematic implementation of follow-up actions.

5. Independence and neutrality
Sport without boundaries is our fundamental principle; its achievement cannot be determined by the interests of national or international policy. Therefore, SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY intends to remain a non-political and non-confessional organisation whose action and programmes will be guided by the criteria laid out in its charter.

6. Transparency
SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY intends to be before its partners, donors, and beneficiaries completely transparent in the allocation of resources, and to regularly demonstrate its good management. Similarly, it wishes to cooperate with partners whose objectives are clear and who are able to respect the principles of financial and managerial transparency. Each and every person who contributes to SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY shall abide to this charter.

Each and every person who contributes to SPORT WITHOUT BORDERS ITALY shall undertake to abide by the charter.

Carta Etica